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Hi everyone. My name is Farrah. I’m a happily married mother of four. My husband Chris is an Army veteran, and I’m a stay-at-home-mom. I love nothing more than children, and I am fortunate in that I am positively fabulous at carrying and birthing them. Chris and I would have babies ad infinitum if we could care for them all, but since we aren’t equipped to follow in the Duggar’s footsteps, I have become increasingly interested in surrogating. Unfortunately, finding the kind of family that I would feel comfortable handing off what could potentially be my genetic progeny has been a struggle (not to mention other setbacks, to be discussed later).  I remember looking for prospective adoptive parents a decade ago and being able to find zero secular, atheist or humanist adoptive parents, let alone a sweet compromise such as a Buddhist. I think it’s high time Atheists be allowed into all forums of human existence, including adoption and surrogating. I am still available and seeking the best use of my reproductive skills. I hope this forum can also serve others in finding a match for their secular breeding needs.

Happy parenting to all!